Sep 012013

Hey everyone, the Toby crew hopes you’re as excited about the return of Stanford Football as we are!  It’s less than a week to kickoff, so it’s well past time to update everyone on some changes that we’re making to our tailgating operation for the coming year.  We’ve put in a ton of time and energy to Toby over the last three years, and it’s becoming harder for the four of us to dedicate so much to this particular project.  Don’t worry though, Toby’s hardly going away!  We’re just trying to streamline the operation in several ways to reduce the workload and financial burden.  Here’s the rundown of the changes:

  1. Moving around: In the past, we’ve made a trip down to campus Thursday night to drop Toby off and reserve our spot, letting us be in the same location every time.  This takes two people a bunch of time, so this year we’re planning to bring the van over when the lot opens at 9am on game days.  As a result, we won’t always be in the same spot you’re used to finding us.  Fortunately, Toby is pretty easy to spot, and we’ll post our location on Facebook/Twitter for each game that morning.  We’re confident you’ll still be able to locate us just fine!
  2. RSVPs required if you want food: We’ve always been really flexible on this point, and we know that plans change etc, but it’s time to change this policy – we’re tired of buying lots of food that we don’t know will get eaten and struggling to save it for the next game and also to get reimbursed for it.  As a result, starting this year, we’ll only be buying food for the people we know will be showing up.  Please only RSVP to our Facebook events if you’ll definitely be there and be eating!  If you change your plans or get tickets at the last minute and decide you want to come out, we’ll have plenty of beer and chips, and you can bring your own burgers/dogs/etc and we’ll throw them on our grill for you!
  3. Beer, but not always on tap: Toby’s beer system is one of our favorite parts of the operation, yet it’s also labor intensive and financially inefficient.  It takes us usually around 45 minutes of work to set up and take down the beer system each game, since we care about cleanliness and actually clean the system before and after each use.  In addition, even with a CO2 system, a tapped keg can only keep for 1-2 weeks, so we often have to return partially full kegs, which costs us a significant amount of money.  Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of cold beer at our tailgates, it’ll just come out of a can or bottle instead of a tap.

We’re stoked to bring you the 4th season of Toby Tailgating, and hopefully a 4th consecutive BCS bowl road trip!  See you Saturday!

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Apr 102011

With the Spring Game marking the start of Toby’s 2nd season of tailgating, our first season has come to a close.  Because the Toby crew believes in transparency in general, we’ve decided to put our money where our mouth is – on the Interwebs!  What we’ve done is created a publicly-accessible Google spreadsheet with the summary of our 2010-2011 finances.  Click here to see just how much money we’ve made, our projected profits for the next 4 years, tentative IPO date and early retirement plans.  Or not, but hey – at least we’re having a fantastic time!

We wanted you, the Toby fans, to know where your money is going when you come to our tailgates.  We’re not doing this for the money, obviously, and we want you to know that when we ask you to chip in a few bucks for participating in our tailgate that we’re not running off to Mexico with it.  For those of you out in the wide world beyond the Bay Area who don’t get a chance to join us – we’d welcome your support anyways.  Use the Donation button on the Support Toby page to send us a few bucks.  Or buy Toby items at the upcoming Toby the Van Store and help spread the word!

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Dec 082010

Hello fans!  Toby is starting up a blog to document the epic upcoming road trip to Miami for the 2011 Orange Bowl!

Check back on this page regularly to see the latest status of Toby’s cross-country journey.

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