Sep 112012


Indian food and tailgating may not be the first things you associate with each other.  Call it a bold experiment.  Blame it on 1/8 of the Toby crew being Indian.  Either way, we’re stoked about this and hope you’ll love it.  TAVA Indian Kitchen is a cool new place in the Palo Alto Town & Country, right off campus.  They’ve taken the ultimate form of Mexican food, aka the burrito, and re-invented it with an Indian twist.  Use a roti instead of a tortilla, throw some chicken or paneer in it, add tikka or daal sauce, some chutney for a little kick, and you’ve got something delicious!

Bring your friends and come on out to tailgate with Toby, because we’ll have two kegs and an unlimited supply of burroti and we’re going to need your help consuming them!

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