Dec 282012
It's Toby Time!

One of the Toby crew got himself a GoPro recently, so you can guess what that means – extreme tailgating videos!!!

Here are the first two – timelapses of Toby’s journey from SF to LA.  To protect the location of the top-secret Toby Cave, the first video doesn’t kick off until Gilroy.  In-N-Out Gilroy, to be exact 😀

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Dec 202012

A few notes about the tailgate for the Rose Bowl:

  • We don’t know where we’ll be parked yet, and may not until game day.  Rest assured we’ll post plenty of detail on Facebook for you to find us!
  • The group is growing – we’d love to have 50 or more people come out and join us, and we think we’re getting close!  Don’t forget to invite your friends and RSVP!
  • We’re hearing that the lots might open as early as 4am!  We probably won’t be out there that early, but you can count on us being set up no later than 9.  We’ll update further as we know more.
  • We really want to make it in the stadium in time for kick-off!  That means we’ll be shutting down by around 1:15pm.
  • We also want to make sure we feed everyone, especially those of you that have RSVP’d!  Please arrive no later than 11:30am to guarantee that we’ve got food for you.  The grills will be shut off no later than 12:30pm, since they need time to cool off before we can pack them up again!
  • If you want to park near Toby, please contact us via Facebook!  We’d love to plan to meet people before we all head in to park, so we can get as many cars next to each other as possible.  We’ll be at the Rose Bowl no later than 8am!




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Dec 102012

Hi everyone!  The Toby crew is ludicrously excited to be throwing our third BCS game tailgate in three years – what other tailgating operation can say that?  Our January 1st party in Pasadena is going to be awesome, and we expect every one of you to be there – or have a damn good excuse why not.  “It’s uphill both ways in the snow” won’t cut it, since New Years in Pasadena is usually beautifully sunny and at least 60 degrees out.

We don’t know for sure yet how early we’ll be able to get in and start our tailgate, so we’ll continue to update both the blog and the Facebook event as we get more information.  What can you do to help?  RSVP! And invite your friends!  Please forward the Facebook event link to as many Stanford fans as you want – we’re looking forward to throwing a huge tailgate!

For the Toby crew, this will be our second Stanford Rose Bowl (’99-’00 was our freshman year at Stanford), and our first, of course, with Toby.  Come on out and support Stanford Football with us on January 1st!

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