Dec 292010



Toby’s friends Erin S and Hoan-My showed us some real Texas BBQ last night at Uncle Billy’s. It was immediately apparent that it was a legit spot because there were two kinds of brisket on the menu – regular and moist (which is fattier and therefore more delicious). We ordered a little bit of everything – moist brisket, pulled pork, ribs, sausage, mac and cheese, green beans, baked beans, and that staple of vegetarians everywhere, deep-fried okra. Ok, so maybe we just got the okra because Brian didn’t know what it was or what it tasted like. Well, it tasted fried.

Pretty much everything was delicious, though Wade’s homemade BBQ sauce is definitely better than Uncle Billy’s. The brisket was easily the best of the lot, and the pork and the sausage were quite good too. We polished it off and washed it down with Uncle Billy’s brewed-on-site beer. Yum!

Just when we thought we were done, Brian demanded pecan pie. Our friendly waitress (Liz) listed off the dessert options, which, in addition to pecan pie, included the magical sounding buttermilk pie. Liz claimed it was as good as it sounded, so naturally we had to try some. Wowza! It tasted of butter, milk and sugar – sorta like heaven on a pie crust, in other words. Wade asked Liz for the recipie, and she came back with just three words scrawled on an extra order sheet: “Tootie Pie Company.” Toby will have to look them up on the way back and extract that recipe from them…

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  1. Loving the BBQ talk – thanks for the recommendation – adding uncle Billy’s to the list!

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