Jan 032011



I’m sorry we didn’t get more updates out during the day today, but we were so busy most of the time it was unbelieveable.

For now, I’ll just say that we had over a hundred people at our tailgate (a new Toby record), ate all of the food we bought yesterday, and collected enough money to pay the Costco bill!

Our seats were amazing and the game, after a nervous first half, was unreal in the second. We had so much fun today it definitely made the six-day drive absolutely worth it!
Brian and Wade will be flying back to the Bay Area tomorrow, and Brian’s parents will be enjoying a leisurely drive west in Toby.

It’s now really late here and we’re heading to bed. Huge thanks to everyone who came out to our tailgate today, and congratulations to all the Stanford players, coaches and their families as well as Stanford fans everywhere!

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  1. We just saw Toby on the road and at a rest stop half way thru New Mexico. Even though I’m a bruin (85) I think what you are doing is delightful. Go Tree! Hope you all have wonderful adventures with Toby. (And damn, 2500 was a sweet deal for such a fine looking drive!!!)

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