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The idea to buy a conversion van and turn it into the ultimate Stanford Football tailgating vehicle came to us during the 2009 season as Harbaugh, Luck and the incomparable Toby Gerhart led the Cardinal on an amazing run. One year later, Brian, Mike, Tino and Wade made it happen, and Toby the Van debuted at the Stanford season opener against Sacramento State.

Toby’s Mission:  To tailgate the heck out of all Stanford Football home games, and to road-trip to selected games, spreading the love of Stanford Football wherever we go.

About the Operation:  The four Toby Partners are running Toby as a non-profit, maximum-fun operation.  Actually, it’s a don’t-lose-too-much-money-while-having-a-fantastic-time operation.

Toby’s Financial Summary: Because we believe in transparency, and also believe the IRS shouldn’t come after us for taxes on our limited revenue, we present Toby’s financial summary to you.

Email Toby: tobythevan @ gmail.com

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  1. We are the Mississippi State fans traveling in the caravan w/flags that just passed you guys (for the second time). Great van & blog. Stay safe & good luck!!

  2. […] 2) Ride in Toby The Van The best place to tailgate before the game is Lot 2 with Toby The Van. This tricked-out “Ultimate Stanford Tailgating Automobile of Bada**ness” named after former Stanford RB Toby Gerhart is a symbol of the excitement Stanford football has generated in the past few seasons. Four friends (Wade, Brian, Tino and Mike) bought this van off Craig’s List and promptly decked it out with Stanford logos, a flat-screen TV and a working beer tap on the side of the vehicle hooked up to one of the numerous kegs inside. They welcome all guests, and just ask that you donate $10-$20 for all the food and beer they supply. For more information, check out Toby the Van.com. […]

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