Rose Bowl Tailgate Timing

Rose Bowl Tailgate Timing

A few notes about the tailgate for the Rose Bowl: We don’t know where we’ll be parked yet, and may not until game day.  Rest assured we’ll post plenty of detail on Facebook for you to find us! The group is growing – we’d love to have 50 or more people come out and join us, and we think we’re getting close!  Don’t forget to invite your friends and RSVP! We’re hearing that the lots might open as early as 4am!  We probably won’t be out there that early, but you can count on us being set up no later than 9.  We’ll update further as we know more. We really want to make it in the stadium in time for kick-off!  That means we’ll [read more]

BCS Tailgate #3 - The Rose Bowl!

BCS Tailgate #3 – The Rose Bowl!

Hi everyone!  The Toby crew is ludicrously excited to be throwing our third BCS game tailgate in three years – what other tailgating operation can say that?  Our January 1st party in Pasadena is going to be awesome, and we expect every one of you to be there – or have a damn good excuse why not.  “It’s uphill both ways in the snow” won’t cut it, since New Years in Pasadena is usually beautifully sunny and at least 60 degrees out. We don’t know for sure yet how early we’ll be able to get in and start our tailgate, so we’ll continue to update both the blog and the Facebook event as we get more information.  What can you do to help?  RSVP! And [read more]

Special Announcement - U$C Tailgate will be catered by TAVA!

Special Announcement – U$C Tailgate will be catered by TAVA!

  Indian food and tailgating may not be the first things you associate with each other.  Call it a bold experiment.  Blame it on 1/8 of the Toby crew being Indian.  Either way, we’re stoked about this and hope you’ll love it.  TAVA Indian Kitchen is a cool new place in the Palo Alto Town & Country, right off campus.  They’ve taken the ultimate form of Mexican food, aka the burrito, and re-invented it with an Indian twist.  Use a roti instead of a tortilla, throw some chicken or paneer in it, add tikka or daal sauce, some chutney for a little kick, and you’ve got something delicious! Bring your friends and come on out to tailgate with Toby, because we’ll have two kegs and [read more]

Toby: Season 3

Toby: Season 3

Are you ready for some football?!?  The Toby crew definitely is!  We’re stoked to see the new-look Card continue the amazing success of the last few seasons, and we can’t wait to see all our tailgating friends again. Our first tailgate is coming up fast – RSVP here! A few weeks ago, the Crew met up and talked about Season 3.  We made some important decisions, which will affect how we run our tailgates and how you participate in them, so please read on!  The Toby journey has been awesome for us, and hopefully for you as well, and we’ve put a ton of time and energy into this project.  We’ve been having a blast and yet, at the same time, it’s been exhausting and [read more]

Toby Spring Update

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the far-too-long delay between updates.  As you can imagine, no one was really excited to blog about the heart-wrenching overtime loss in the Fiesta Bowl.  Still, we want to thank everyone who came out to our awesome pre-game tailgate!  We had around 100 people come out and support Toby and the Cardinal, and it was great to see everyone there We also want to extend special thanks to Glendale 11, who came out and spent a great deal of time with us, and posted this awesome Toby-heavy Stanford tailgating video, even if they did spell Wade’s name wrong. In other news, 2012 is off to a really, really busy start for all four of the Toby crew.  As a result, we [read more]

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